VFDB_cdhit_to_csv(1) Parse cdhit results


VFDB_cdhit_to_csv [-h] --cluster_file CLUSTER_FILE --infile INFILE --outfile OUTFILE


This tool is part of the SRST2 suite.

Output a comma-separated table of alleles, their inferred gene name (from annotation) and their 90% cluster from CD-HIT analysis


optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
--cluster_file CLUSTER_FILE
cd hit output file (.clstr)
--infile INFILE
raw sequences file that was input to cdhit (fasta)
--outfile OUTFILE
output file (csv)


This manpage was written by Andreas Tille for the Debian distribution and can be used for any other usage of the program.