witray(1) The wmii system tray


witray [-a <address>] [-NESW] [-HV] [-p <padding>] [-s <iconsize>] -t (tags)

witray -v


witray is a simple system tray program meant to be used with wmii. It supports the Freedesktop System Tray Protocol Specification common among all newer applications and desktop environments. The tray is only visible when applications require it. While there are many standalone system tray applications, this one is explicitly tailored to wmii. It's simple, stays out of the user's way, is easy to configure, and generally Just Works.


The address at which to connect to wmii.
-N -E -S -W

Sets the screen edge where witray is to appear to the North, South, East, or West edge, respectively. Options may be combined, for instance *-NE* gives the _North East_ corner of the screen. If no options are given, witray opens to the West of whichever part of the screen the wmii bar occupies.

-H -V

Specifies whether icons are to be aligned horizontally or vertically, respectively. Also determines from which edge of the screen windows are shunted to make room for the tray.

Do not replace an already running system tray.
-p <padding>

Sets the padding between icons and around the edge of the tray. In pixels.

-s <iconsize>

Sets the size of the icons, in pixels. If not provided, icons are sized so that the tray is the same height as the wmii bar.

-t <tags>

The tags on which to open. Default: /./


Display version information.


witray is not XRandR aware.