wmiiloop-VERSION(1) tool for easy wmii event handling


eval "$(wmiiloop <events)"


wmiiloop is an awk and sh script which preprocesses sh(1) syntax to simplify writing a wmii event loop.

wmiiloop associates lines begining with Event, Action, or Key (henceforth known as $keyword), followed by arbitrary text (henceforth known as $args), with functions which call any indented lines which follow. In the function names, all non-alphanumeric characters in $args are replaced with underscores (_). The functions are named $keyword'_'$args.

Any variables in the unintented lines are interpolated by the shell.

Additionally, each declaration's $args are assigned to a variable named $keyword's'. In this case, no transliteration occurs. For instance, the following declaration:

        echo Got [email protected]
yields (assuming $MODKEY is set to Mod1):

Keys=" $Keys Mod1-j"
Mod1_j() {
        echo Got [email protected]