xmltoman(1) xml to man converter


xmltoman file.1.xml > file.1


xmltoman is a small script to convert xml to a man page in groff format. It features the usual man page items such a description, options, see also etc. The xml format also supports converting to html pages.

You will find the dtd in /usr/share/xmltoman/ on a debian system. There is also an xsl file to generate html using xsltproc(1). See also /usr/share/doc/xmltoman/examples for examples.


/usr/share/xmltoman/xmltoman.dtd the DTD file.

/usr/share/xmltoman/xmltoman.xsl XSLT stylesheet to generate html.

/usr/share/xmltoman/xmltoman.css stylesheet to be used for HTML.


xmltoman was written by Oliver Kurth <[email protected]>


This man page was written using xmltoman(1) by the same author.