xpce-client(1) Contact an XPCE server socket


xpce-client socket [-b] [-c command]


xpce-client is a small program to contact an xpce(1) server socket and feed the xpce process commands. A generic server that provides the possibility to execute Prolog goals is available in the library(pce_server). This server may be started from xpce using the command

?- pce_server(socket).

after which this server may be contacted using:

% xpce-client socket
(pce) send(new(P, picture), open).
P = @717363
(pce) exit


Block until the xpce server closes the connection. Otherwise xpce-client exists as soon as it has send all requests to the server without waiting for response.
-c command
Send command as a command to the server. Without this option, xpce-client will copy standard input to the server socket and copy any output from the socket to standard output.


xpce-client(1) is not copyrighted. You may use, copy and modify its sources and/or binaries as you like.


Jan Wielemaker, SWI, University of Amsterdam