zip_error_get(3) .Nm zip_file_error_get


libzip (-lzip)


#include <zip.h>

void zip_error_get(struct zip *archive, int *zep, int *sep);

void zip_file_error_get(struct zip_file *file, int *zep, int *sep);


The zip_error_get function returns the error codes for the zip archive archive. If zep is not NULL, *zep will be filled in with the error code from libzip. Similarly, *sep will contain the corresponding system error code, if sep is not NULL; use zip_error_get_sys_type to determine the type of system error code.

The zip_file_error_get function does the same for the zip file file.


Dieter Baron <[email protected]> and Thomas Klausner <[email protected]>