zshutdown_notify(8) notify users of impending shutdown via Zephyr




zshutdown_notify reads the standard input until EOF is reached, and then sends a Zephyr notice with the official hostname, the collected input, and a warning message as the message body of the notice. The notice is sent to class FILSRV, instance <hostname>, recipient "*", where <hostname> is the official hostname of the sending host.

Any users who are using resources on the sending host are expected to subscribe to these messages so they will be warned of any impending shutdowns.

zshutdown_notify is usually invoked from within /etc/shutdown.


C. Anthony Della Fera (Digital Equipment Corporation-Project Athena)


Copyright (c) 1987,1988 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All Rights Reserved.
zephyr(1) specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution.