aoss(1) Wrapper script to facilitate use of the ALSA OSS compatibility


aoss osscommand [arguments]


aoss is a simple wrapper script which facilitates the use of the ALSA OSS compatibility library. It just sets the appropriate LD_PRELOAD path and then runs the command.

This is useful in cases where routing settings (which can be made in your .asoundrc file) need to be applied to commands that use the OSS API.

Examples of asoundrc configuration:

pcm.dsp0 {         type plug
        slave.pcm "hw:0,0"


pcm.dsp0 {         type plug
        slave.pcm "dmix"

In the above configuration examples, the pcm.dsp0 definition is used to wrap calls do /dev/dsp0. You can also wrap usage of /dev/dsp1, /dev/dsp2, etc. by defining pcm.dsp1, pcm.dsp2, etc..

The PCM name to open can be given explicitly via ALSA_OSS_PCM_DEVICE environment variable, too. This overrides the default dsp0, etc.

Note on mmap: aoss mmap support might be buggy. Your results may vary when trying to use an application that uses mmap'ing to access the OSS device files.


A command that uses the OSS API
The appropriate arguments and options for the OSS command.


The OSS compatibility library is by Abramo Bagnara <[email protected]>. The aoss script and this document are by James Tappin <[email protected]>.