atiode(1) proprietary ATI RADEON and FireGL stress testing


atiode stress tests overclocking settings for ATI (MOBILITY(TM)) RADEON® and (MOBILITY(TM)) FireGL(TM) based video cards.


atiode currently requires the following options:


Number of seconds to run the stress test.


Display to use for the stress test.


The following example demonstrates how to use atiode. Note that both -P and -H are required, otherwise the command will terminate with an error.

For example, to run a stress test for 60 seconds on the default display (display :0), execute the following command.

atiode -P 60 -H :0


The results of the stress test will be stored into stderr. You can read stderr with the echo command:
echo $?

One of the following error codes will be presented:

0: stress test successful.

1: incorrect command-line arguments.

2: video display adapter not found.

3: stress test terminated; unknown error.


Known issues with the current driver can be found at m[blue][].

Report any further issues to m[blue]http://support.ati.comm[]. There is also an unofficial BTS at m[blue]http://ati.cchtml.comm[], which is known by the ATI driver team.


Michael Gilbert <[email protected]>



Copyright © 2009 Michael S Gilbert

See the file /usr/share/doc/fglrx_man/COPYING for license and warranty information.