binvox2bt(1) convert 3D mesh voxelizer meshes to a single bonsai tree file


binvox2bt [ options <binvox filenames> ...]


binvox2bt Read files generated by Patrick Min's 3D mesh voxelizer ("binvox", available at: and convert the voxel meshes to a single bonsai tree file. This file is based on code from

These options are available:

-o <file>
Output filename (default: first input filename +
Mark not occupied cells as 'free' (default: unknown)
Rotate left by 90 deg. to fix the coordinate
when exported from Webots
--bb <minx> <miny> <minz> <maxx> <maxy> <maxz>
force bounding box for OcTree
--offset <x> <y> <z>
add an offset to the final coordinates

If more than one binvox file is given, the models are composed to a single bonsai tree.

All options apply to the subsequent input files.