cadabra(1) field-theory motivated computer algebra system




Cadabra is a computer algebra system for the manipulation of tensorial expressions.

The output of cadabra is either plain text or UTF8 encoded Unicode (see the environment variables described below). The line-breaking properties of the latter are used to wrap large expressions are reasonable points. In addition to the standard output, cadabra can print status information, which is wrapped in special <status>...</status> blocks.


Disables all output, except for output generated by the @print algorithm.
Copy the input into the log file.
--input filename
Read the indicated file as input before switching to console input.
--prompt string
Set the prompt of the interactive session to the indicated string.


The following variables toggle various features on or off, depending on whether the variable is set or not:
Display a star to indicate products. Without this setting, a space is used.
Use UTF8 encoding for output. This in particular will introduce non-breakable spaces to group objects together, as well as zero-width non-breakable spaces to prevent line-breaks after brackets, underscore and caret symbols. When this variable is not set, the output will be plain ASCII without any special symbols.


Kasper Peeters <[email protected]>