doc_markdownlinkconverter_README_md(3) Markdown Link Converter

Usage for manual invocation

    markdownlinkconverter [<cmake-cache-file>] <input-file>

The <input-file> parameter must be an absolute path!


  • Links starting with @ref, # for anchors and http for extern links wont be touched.
  • Links to source code files wont be touched ether.
  • To refer to a folder use / at the end of a link. This feature was introduced to be compatible with github, where you can show the content of a folder in combination with the of the containing folder. Links ending with / will be changed to /
  • To refer to source files, start the link with
  • Anchors wont work in imported markdown pages.

Further improvements (which will be introduced in a later version):

  • redirect links to code files right
  • optimize pdf output (also UTF-8 encoding)
  • valid link checker
  • if title contains --, this should be