ekglogs(1) a logs lister for EKG


ekglogs [ options ] < ~/.gg/history


ekglogs reads ekg logs on standard input and prints them out nicely formatted on standard output.         


don't display time at all
don't display day changes
always print nicknames
never display nicknames (by default: print nicknames unless either `u' or `n' was specified)
display incoming messages' receipt time
like -r and align outgoing messages
display seconds
display receipt time seconds
display a colon between hours and minutes
do not display malformed lines (they start with !!!)
do not display status changes
use colourful display
display help message
-u UIN
display only messages from/to UIN
display only messages from/to NICK

Options don't need to be preceded with `-', and may be concatenated.

Option `u' or `n' should be specified as last one. You should not specify both `u' and `n'.


Robert Goliasz <[email protected]>