ktimetrace(1) graphical interface for data aquisition




ktimetrace provides a graphical front end for analog input data aquisition. It uses the comedilib library, and hardware drivers provided by comedi to perform data aquisition. Its graphical interface was built using the QT and KDE libraries.

When the program is started, it automatically searches for a working analog input on the comedi device files /dev/comedi[0-3]. You can change the device with the settings-->device menu. To start aquisition, press the 'go' button. You will be prompted with a dialog which will let you specify the details of how the data is to be aquired.

Most of the controls in the program's dialogs have "what's this?" help. It can be accessed by pressing the button labeled with a question mark and located in the upper right corner of the dialog, then clicking on the control you are interested in.

In addition to creating data files with .txt, .txt.gz, or .ts? extensions (depending on the format), ktimetrace also produces files with a .ts-par extension, which are text files containing some information on the settings which were used during aquisition.


This program does not have any useful command line options.


Frank Mori Hess <[email protected]>.