mic-livecd-iso-to-disk(1) Convert a livecd image to a live USB image then write to a USB disk or partition


mic-livecd-iso-to-disk [--reset-mbr] [--noverify] [--overlay-size-mb <size>] [--home-size-mb <size>] [--unencrypted-home] <isopath> [usbstick device]

<isopath> is your livecd image path name, [usbstick device] is optional, if not provided, it will detect automatically and ask you to select.


mic-livecd-iso-to-disk can convert a livecd image to a live USB image and write it to a USB disk or partition, it is different from mic-image-writer which is just a safer dd with progress bar.

mic-livecd-iso-to-disk can detect all the removable USB disks and let you select one of them, if you didn't insert any USB disk, it will ask you to insert until a USB disk is available, it can decide if your USB disk need to be formated and if your USB disk has an appropriate partition for this livecd image, all the operations are interactive and have warnings f they will damage your old data on your USB disk.

mic-image-manager has a GUI tool for it.


--reset-mbr Set MBR on your USB disk

--noverify Don't verify your livecd image

--overlay-size-mb Specify overlay size, the default size is 64 MB

--home-size-mb Specify home size, the default is 0


Write a Molib live image to your USB disk:

mic-livecd-iso-to-disk your-2.1-final.img


mic-livecd-iso-to-disk returns a zero exist status if it succeeds, otherwise return non-zero and print error message.


Yi Yang, Anas Nashif, Jianfeng Ding