News::AutoReply(3) derivative of News::Article for generating autoreplies


use News::AutoReply;
$reply = News::AutoReply->new($message);


Like News::Article, but must be given a reference to another article at creation time - initialises To, In-Reply-To, References etc. correctly as an automatic reply.


  use News::AutoReply;

Exports nothing.


new ( ORIGINAL )
Construct an autoreply to a message, assuming that the Reply-To (if present, otherwise the From) header of "ORIGINAL" is valid.

Returns a new Article object with no body or envelope sender, but with suitable headers.

If an environment variable LOOP is defined, it is used as the contents of an X-Loop header added to the reply (this is useful when using this code in progs launched from a procmail recipe). Always preserves X-Loop headers in the original.

The reference-folding code could probably be improved.


Andrew Gierth <[email protected]>


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Copyright 1997 Andrew Gierth <[email protected]>

This code may be used and/or distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.