Perlbal::Manual::Selector(3) Configuring Perlbal as a virtual service that maps onto other services


Perlbal 1.78.


How to configure a Perlbal "selector" service.


Please read Perlbal::Manual::Configuration first for a better explanation on how to configure Perlbal. This document will make much more sense after reading that.

Configuring Perlbal as a Selector

The "selector" role allows you to create a service that selects to which other service a request should be sent to.

Here's an example of how to do that with the help of Perlbal::Plugin::VHosts:

    LOAD vhosts
    CREATE SERVICE selector_service
      SET listen         =
      SET role           = selector
      SET plugins        = vhosts
      VHOST *  = service1
      VHOST *  = service2
    ENABLE selector_service

In this case, requests to both "site1" and "site2" are received by "selector_service", which then sends requests for "site1" to "service1" and requests for "site2" to "service2".

Depending on your needs, you may want to use an existing plugin (e.g., Perlbal::Plugin::Vhosts, Perlbal::Plugin::VPaths) or create your own (see "selector" under Perlbal::Manual::Plugins).