raddepend(1) find RADIANCE scene dependencies


raddepend file ..


Raddepend uses getbbox(1) to expand scene file arguments and find file dependencies for make(1) or rad(1). Raddepend looks only in the current directory, so dependencies hidden elsewhere in the filesystem will not be found or named.

The output is the name of files, one per line, that were accessed during the expansion of the input file arguments. The file arguments are excluded from the list. If no input files are given, the standard input is read.


Greg Ward


On some older NFS systems, the file access dates are not updated promptly. As a result, raddepend may not be 100% reliable on these systems. If the output seems to be missing essential files, this is no doubt why. The only fix is to put in a longer sleep time between the getbbox call and the final ls(1).