sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody(7) Spectrum normalization by a blackbody


esorex sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody [OPTIONS] FILE.sof


This recipe divides a spectrum by a black body spectrum of given temperature.

The input file is a spectrum. Its associated tag must be SPECTRUM.

The output is a spectrum Parameter is sinfoni.sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody.temperature having aliases 'temp'


--temp <float>
Black Body Temperature (float; default: 100000.0). The full name of this option for the EsoRex configuration file is sinfoni.sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody.temperature [default = 100000.0].

Note that it is possible to create a configuration file containing these options, along with suitable default values. Please refer to the details provided by the 'esorex --help' command.


sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody 2.9.0


Andrea Modigliani <[email protected]>


Please report any problems to [email protected] Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department <[email protected]>.


This file is part of the SINFONI Instrument Pipeline Copyright (C) 2002,2003 European Southern Observatory

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