wm2xmcd(1) workman-to-xmcd CD database file converter


wm2xmcd [-v n] [-d outdir] [-c] workmandb ...


Similar in function to xmcd, workman is a CD audio player utility for the X window system, but uses the XView/Open Look interface. Wm2xmcd is a simple program that converts workman CD database files to the xmcd format. A specified workman CD database file is used as input and Xmcd CD database files are generated.


Wm2xmcd supports the following options:
-v n
Specifies level of verbosity of output diagnostics. Currently the levels 0 through 3 are supported. Level 0 is the "quietest" whereas level 3 generates lots of messages.
-d outdir
Specifies the output directory. The default is cddb under the current directory. If the -c option is also specified, then subdirectories under outdir will be created.
With this option, wm2xmcd will prompt the user to type a category name for each CD entry to be converted. Each category will be a subdirectory under the output directory.


Workman uses a complex multi-line track title description scheme, whereas xmcd uses a simple list of single-line titles. Xmcd has flexible free-form text fields associated with the CD as well as each track. Wm2xmcd currently expands the multi-line workman track entries into a format that fits the xmcd list, but does not use the free-form text fields.

Some workman database keywords are ignored by this utility, notably those that correspond to workman features that are irrelevant in xmcd.


Ti Kan ([email protected])
AMB Research Laboratories, Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.

Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.

Workman was originally written by Steve Grimm ([email protected]). Inquiries about workman should be directed to its current maintainer, Dirk Foersterling ([email protected]).