tracetop(1) show top flows


tracetop [ -f bpf | --filter=bpf] [ -s snaplen | --snaplen=snaplen] [ -p promisc | --promisc=promisc] [ --bits-per-sec ] [ --percent ] [ --wide | -w ] [ -i interval | --interval=interval] [ -h | --help] [ -H | --libtrace-help] inputuri ...


tracetop shows the top 'n' flows every second
-f bpf filter
Count only packets that match tcpdump style bpf filter

-i interval
Wait interval seconds between updates. (default 2).

Expand the display to be able to fit IPv6 addresses. Use this to ensure the formatting lines up in the presence of IPv6 traffic.

Display flow bytes and packets as a percentage of total traffic

Display flow bandwidth as the number of bits per second.


More details about tracetop (and libtrace) can be found at


Perry Lorier <[email protected]>