SMIL Utils(1) A collection of utilities based on kino's SMIL project format


image2raw(1), ppm2raw(1), ppmfilter(1), ppmeffectv(1) raw2dv(1), raw2image(1), raw2webcam(1), raw2yuv(1), rawmultiply(1), rawplay(1), smil2raw(1), smil2wav(1), smil2yuv(1), tga2raw(1), xwd2raw(1)

All tools support the --help switch to obtain a brief usage description.


SMIL Utils provide a wide variety of tools for import and export functionality to and from Digital Video formats.


image* tools take image files on the command line. Most formats are supported.

ppm* tools take ppm pipes as stdin.

raw* tools take Raw DV as input on stdin.

raw2* tools convert the incoming Raw DV to something else.

smil2* tools take kino smil projects or DV encoded files as command line input and export to another format.

xwd2* is a silly throw away bit of nonsense :-).


*2raw tools generate Raw DV on stdout.

*2yuv tools generate YUV4MJPEG output on stdout.

*2wav tools generate WAV files on stdout or in the file you specify. Note that it is not possible to correctly fixate a wav when is written to stdout and as a result, some tools may not be able to correctly handle the resultant file - if that's the case, specify a file name according to the conventions of the tool.


See for the latest version.


SMIL Utils was written by Charles Yates <[email protected]>.